Saturday, October 24, 2009

i hate you mr. attendant !!

Well, the title means everything already.
It's all about my rants. Haha!

It was our Midterm week. Yeah! You read it right.
While others are enjoying their sembreak, we are trying to figure out
what are the answers on our tests. :)
I was so busy reviewing notes as I mentioned before.
I was so stressedddddddd. Totally :)

After my first class, boyfie and I rushed on a newly opened internet cafe near my school.
I need to finish something really important.
After 1hour, the attendant himself told me that my time is already over.
I told him to add 1hour because I wasn't yet finish with my thing.
(Besides boyfie is still playing haha!)
I was so shock on what he answered to me.
"Hindi na pwede mag-extend! May nag-reserve na kasi eh!"
(You can't extend time! There is someone who reserved slot for him.) -with an angry tone
WTF! I didn't know that there is a policy something like this one.
I wanna kick his a** that time coz the way he replied on me.
If my boyfie wasn't there, I already did it.

**As far as I know, you can extend your time as long as you like.
Correct me if I'm wrong.
The person who reserves a slot will take over after the customer,
who comes first is DONE already.
First come, first serve. Right?
In my situation earlier, It seemed vice versa. And I hate it!

What did I do?
I wanna confront him. But I remember that I need to finish something.
I was running out of time already. I just told boyfie to pay.
After paying, we quickly left that internet cafe, but of course
I slammed the door shut! Haha :)

Thanks for the time...♥


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