Sunday, April 25, 2010

after blog hiatus...♥

Oh well, after a month long hiatus, I'm finally back!
I promise, I'll try my very best to update this blog more often.
Anyway, I was surprised last Wednesday coz' I received two unexpected mails.
First is my Kotex Free Sample Pack and the other one is a sample that I requested in a site before.
I never thought that the sample will arrived coz the site was based from Lebanon. Besides, I requested it last January and it's April already. Then this mail came. I was disappointed when I saw the mail. Know why?
It was obviously tampered!
I opened the envelope then found a make-up sample. I was dismayed because the facial care kit sample that the sender told me in the letter she included in the mail wasn't in the envelope itself.
That's the main reason why I hate postal service here.
Okay! Enough for the ranting...

Here are the photos:

the parcels

make-up sample

kotex sample pack

PS: The Kotex Sample Pack that I received was tampered also :(



Ellen said...

So they're still at it aye?? I meant the post office guys and gals. As far back as I can remember the postal service in our country sucks big time. Plenty of piranhas there -- human piranhas who prey on packages and pasalubongs sent from anywhere around the globe. And the govt simply turns a blind eye and a deaf ear towards it. Ay naku!

Oops sorry But I felt bad that you had to miss out on a good piece of facial care product... heheheheh :-)

And by the way, thank you for your message in my blog. That was a pleasant surprise. 'Have followed you and will be coming back to cruise down your interesting blog page for more.

Take care and God bless.

RHiiAN said...

@Ellen yeah they're still alive and kicking haha, as far as i know GMA had imposed a policy regarding those parcels/packaging that those post office guys and gals will be given such as incentives when they reached their quota,
that's why they're still preying on some packages

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