Friday, February 19, 2010

a rendezvous with good music...♪♫

As I was browsing through some songs online, I found a song that caught my fancy. That didn’t happen much nowadays; it made me realize there were too many new songs but very few I genuinely liked. Perhaps I’ve become too choosy for my own good – or maybe it has become too easy for people to slap together a few instruments and call the noise music. But I digress.

The song I found piqued my curiosity because it made me want to listen more. It didn’t make me feel the same way I usually did after having eaten a chocolate cake that was too sweet for my own good – no; the song had a blend that was palatable to the very end. They say a perfectly delicious dish is not sweet, sour, nor salty; it should have a little bit of all of the above. And that was how the song sounded to me: it never went too far off a certain end, keeping its balance yet venturing once in a while out of its established zone.

The song was entitled So What. It was a jazz song – or so I thought. As I read more about the song, I found out it was actually an electronica track owing its influences to the jazz decade: the sixties. Well, at least I was on the right track.

I read more about Rendezvous, the band responsible for the song, and I got more curious. How could two men come up with a song that sounded like it needed at least a hundred cooks for it to taste good?

I downloaded their other songs and found them as likable as the first Rendezvous song I listened to. I also watched a few of Rendezvous’ videos on YouTube and I knew I wanted more.

Good thing Rendezvous is coming out with an album this year. Interestingly, their upcoming debut album featured songs that carried a bit of the old Rendezvous that I liked yet showed a new side of the band altogether – more mature, more daring, and much more captivating.

Yes, there are many songs that I feel are a waste of time. It’s then a good thing that bands like Rendezvous know what music should sound like.

For more of Rendezvous, visit their website:



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