Saturday, January 23, 2010

recent haul + waxing expereience...♥

Epilin Wax
Epilin Wax Strips
Myra-E Daily Sun Protect Moisturizer


It's my first time to use Epilin.
I tried using cold wax before. The one sold all over the net.
I'm not very much impressed with the results so,
I decided to give Epilin a try.
Epilin has also good feedbacks in GT as well as the cold wax.
So last Wednesday, I bought my very first hot wax.
I tried it before going to bed.
I'm hesitant to use it a first because I know It'll hurt much.
I have low pain tolerance, so I took pain reliever prior to waxing.
After 30mins had passed after taking pain reliever,
I started waxing my UA. Geez!
No pain felt. Haha! I find the waxing strips useless.
I didn't use it in the entire process because
the wax itself can be pulled off.
Onto the results, I have no regrets that I bought Epilin.
It took only 2mins for me to finish waxing my UA.
No hassle at all.

Tip: Test the temperature of the wax in your wrist before applying it.

** I will be busy this coming week... So, I have to say bye-bye for the mean time :(
I'll miss reading your blog posts dearies ♥


~tHiAmErE~ said...

its great that you didn't feel any pain at all.
if you are bolder & want to try waxing without taking meds, you can try it right after you finishing bathing so your skin will be soft.

then you can also try to stretch the skin so to loosen the pores & also apply powder so that the wax won't stick to your skin but only on the hairs.

i've been meaning to do a post about this, but i always forgot about it.

hope you'll have a great weekend,hun!

♥ Jhoy ♥ said...

cool! so did the wax work well or was it a fail. at least u felt no pain! have a great day! <3

Khymm said...

haven't tried hot wax before, only the cold wax strips from VEET. wow, after reading you're review i want to try this na! di ba mainit sa UA? hehe

Golden said...

I want to try this too!

Lots of love,

RHEA said...

thanks for sharing, i want to try it too.

*~kAy~* said...

interesting :)
I haven't tried those before :)

I like to use wax for my brows n stuff :)

Catmare said...

Wow I want to try Epilin. But I never tried hot wax before. I'm kind of afraid to use one.. But I really want to try it. I've read other good reviews bout Epilin, too.

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